Out of the backyard: dance company expands to new studio

Cheryl Bellamy teaches hip hop classes for young children in central Durham, North Carolina.

“Even though the recreational centers were here, after the classes fill up, that was it,” Bellamy says. “One thing about the need is it’s grown even more.”

Bellamy rests in her home salon where she does her dance team’s hair and makeup.
Tranaee Jenkins waits backstage for her dance at the Showdown dance competition in Smithfield, North Carolina.

“We know there are a lot of kids that don’t have the funds, but we take them to compete against the best, and that builds them up,” Williams says. “There’s a difference between being trained as a dancer and having that natural talent.”

Cheryl’s Inside Out Creative Performing Arts young dance team performs “Excellence” in their new studio in Durham, North Carolina. Film Art Dance film festival official selection.
Cheryl Bellamy watches her dance students warm up in her backyard studio in Durham, North Carolina. This will be one of the last times her team will practice here before moving to the new studio.



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