Why Have a Sprinkler System Installed

Stanley Beckham
Feb 28, 2018 · 2 min read

Homeowners who still untangle a garden hose to water the lawn will want to explore sprinkler installation denver. There are many advantages to a sprinkler system, and the cost is lower than expected. The main benefit is getting rid of that unsightly hose hanging from the side of the house. Most people spend a great deal of time and money on a wonderful looking yard only to have the effect ruined.

Virtually Invisible

The majority of systems consist of pipes and hoses buried underground. Sprinkler heads pop up a few inches from their positions when the system automatically turns on. After watering, they spring back into place. Otherwise, the view of the landscaping is unobstructed.

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Saving Time

The lawn does not have to be cleared before watering. As long as the heads are not covered, the system will work regardless of what is on the lawn. Systems are programmable so watering is consistent. No one has to remember to water the plants.

Consider how much time it takes to rid the lawn of toys, tools, and tables before watering. Add in the time it takes to unroll the hose, make sure the whole yard is covered, and roll it back up. Kinks have to be fixed, the hose has to be rolled right to keep it from cracking, and people have to remember to turn off the water to prevent the bill from spiking.

The Process

An experienced company will complete an evaluation of the space to determine the appropriate layout and size of the system. The installer will take note of where trees are to steer clear of roots, ask about the location of the septic tank if applicable, and discuss any future plans for the yard. That allows a system to be installed that will accommodate added gardens, water features, or shrubbery.

Sprinkler systems can be installed in one day in most cases. There will be minimum damage to the rest of the lawn during installation. There are also trench-less systems available so ask about those to make an informed decision regarding what will be installed.


Once the system is in, technicians will suggest steps for proactive Sprinkler repair Denver. The best way to protect the investment and prolong the life of the system is to have it winterized in the fall. Professionals are needed for this task because they will have all the equipment and expertise required for Sprinkler blowout Denver. This has to be done right to avoid major problems in the spring.

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