What You See When You Look at My Tattoos
Kel Campbell

me and my son, who seems unscathed by his mother’s sleeve.

A-MEN. I have five tattoos, the biggest of which is a quarter sleeve on my right arm which I started just before my 30th birthday this summer and will finish tomorrow (!) I have gotten questions like “what about when you’re old?” and “you’ll regret that some day, won’t you?” and the best “What will you tell your kids?” Um. When I’m old, I don’t think I will give a shit, especially since old people are wrinkled, so I’ll be wrinkled with pictures on me. Wrinkled pictures. I mean do you see 80 year-olds out there with tank tops on and think to yourself — damn those are some fine-ass arms? I hope to god by the time I’m old, I will have shed every last drop of vanity, I’m really looking forward to 100% not giving a shit.

And nope, I don’t regret anything, I think tattoos are beautiful and badass and living art. And my kid, who is 2, loves my tattoos, frequently pointing them out and saying “pretty!” and some day I will tell him about each one and their purpose and meaning and when/if he wants to get one some day, when he’s old enough, I hope the artist who is finishing my arm is around because she’s so talented.

Loved this piece Kel!