I’m really not so sure this has anything to do with being gay, but perhaps more to do with being a…

biff — I’m not sure why you felt the need to comment on my piece, other than to use your clearly defined professional expertise to diagnose the reasoning my teenage depression and suicidal thoughts. So thank you for that.

I’m also not sure you read the study I discussed in the piece. And if that’s true, I encourage you to do so. The study calls out the specific ways that lesbian and gay youth feel depressed in contrast with their straight peers, who are of course the same age. And the incidence of depression, suicide and hopelessness is shown to be more prevalent in LGB students. Do kids get depressed for all kinds of reasons? Of course. But lesbian and gay students tend to suffer from this more, and it’s not some kind of crazy coincidence.

The fun thing about living my life, which is insightful and terrific advice by the way, is that I get to choose what I care about and how I spend my time. And part of that is sharing a story about myself to spread awareness about an issue that I believe is important in my community. If you feel it’s TMI, you can feel free to scroll on up to the top righthand part of your screen, click that little black X and have yourself a lovely day.

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