“Page by page, this is how we go on.” In this story the author lives day by days and basically takes life for what it is. While reading The Hiding Place I grew to like Corrie Ten Boom the most. Throughout this whole book she has obstacles to overcome. Obstacles such as dealing with the concentration camps, spending some time in prison, questioning her faith and dealing with the death of her father. Everything that we are put through isn’t easy but we have to get through it we have no other option. There isn’t anything that Corrie can change about being a Jew, therefore she couldn’t prevent going to the concentration camp. When bad things are happening and you know that something is the right thing to do, but is illegal is a challenging situation. Corrie knew that trying to help other Jews escape concentration camps was the right thing to do but it is against the rules to do so. So considering that she helped Jews escape despite it being illegal, she spent an amount of time in jail. The next thing she faces is questioning her faith, which is easy when bad things are happening. Even though the Bible specifically tells us not to worry or ask why, we still do. Throughout this story Corrie took everything that came her way for what it was, and overcame every obstacle.I can’t really relate to these situations because we have religious freedom so i can’t really relate to the things she went to. I can relate to overcoming hardships and allowing it to make you a stronger person.

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