My First Post

It’s my first post and I’m kind of freaking out!

Actually, no… that is a bit dramatic. I am a little nervous to start a personal blog because anyone can read it and I plan to be honest, frank, and self-reflective. But, isn’t that the point?

Don’t we want people to read our blog posts and understand us a little more? Don’t we want to live authentically and express all of the inner feels?

Maybe we write to help someone else — so that he or she knows that there is someone else out there like him or her.

Maybe we live like extroverts, but are actually introverts and this is the best way for us to really be known. Maybe we want others to know that there’s a little more under the surface than just a smile and nod.

I’m writing partially for these reasons, but mainly just to write and reflect. I have lots of ideas, so I’m just going to barf them all over this blog. Enjoy! (Or don’t.)

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