Getting Out Of The Newsroom For Your Community
Martika Ornella

  1. One of the best example I can think of when journalism positively served the Black Lives Matter community is when reporters from the Huffington Post stayed in Ferguson, Missouri after the protests and even after Ferguson was no longer a hot topic or “trending” on Twitter. One of my issues with the media when it comes to my community has always been that they report when it’s trending and then they just pack up and leave even though trials, silent protests and important events are still taking place. Huffington Posts was one of the few outlets that didn’t go anywhere and even asked for help from readers to keep reporters there which I felt showed how genuine they were about keeping Ferguson in the news.
  2. Fox News, particularly, has been very outright with their disdain for the Black Lives Matter community. They’ve used their power in the media to paint Black Lives Matter as extremists and a hate group. They’ve pushed a lie that members of the Black Lives Matter community want to kill cops which is the furthest thing from the truth. The Black Lives Matter community want cops to be held accountable. Never has anyone from who represents the Black Lives Matter community said that they want cops to be killed.
  3. My community is mostly virtual but not completely. After noticing how virtual my community is, my plan is to provide a space for them to meet offline. I think the best way I can serve my community is to bring their hard work into a physical space instead of a virtual one. The BLM community has done great work in person before but I just want to bring even more opportunity to the table.
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