Design thinking: a valuable tool for social journalists
N.T. S.

Thanks for such a good read. This was a really great recap and helped me think deeper about design thinking. I did some more digging on design thinking and found this:

Design thinking has become a popular method among journalists who are interested in boosting creativity and better engaging their audiences.

Empathize, define, ideate, prototype and test. Five things I definitely do everyday, so yes, I am already using design thinking in my life. Oddly enough, it’s applying all of it to journalism not my life that I think could prove to be difficult for me. Most likely the test portion because I don’t think that’s something I’ve applied to journalism or at any point in my journalism experience.

So…you guess it..the most interesting part of this process to me is test. I’m used to leaving my “product” and being done with it. In this case I’m talking about my writing/articles. Even when I’m covering communities, I usually write and then that’s it unless I have to write a follow-up article.

But to answer the final question, I think design thinking can be applied to most things in life. Like I said, I do these five things every day but now I need to find out how I can apply all these steps to journalism. But I think outside of journalism, design thinking can be applied to other professions like medicine, science, and even art.

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