Will Work For Facebook Likes

For my social media tools class, groups of students have been put in charge of managing the Facebook pages of nonprofit organization. My group was put in charge of managing the Facebook page for UNCF New York. UNCF is the United Negro College Fund, an organization that funds scholarship for students with a bit of focus on historically black colleges and universities. This page is for their New York chapter. For the most part, the managers in charge of the page have been pretty helpful and have basically given us control and trusted that page is in good hands. I appreciate that, because I know if they wanted to they could delete everything we create. I would say they’ve been supportive even though we haven’t managed to get them on board to share our content on their main page with over 67,000 likes.

The New York page currently has 565 likes and little to no engagement on most posts. Some of our content has managed to “reach” a great number of people and still fall flat in terms of engagement. It’s become quite infuriating. My team has tried posting more unique content, experimenting with hashtags and switching up the times in which we post with not much of a change in audience interaction. As someone who works in social media, I’ve never seen anything like this. Not to say I expected a changed overnight but I’ve never dealt with a page with content that reaches over 300 people and still fails to get even 5 likes (this applies more to my own posts that I’ve created).

Over the past month we’ve reach 6,305 people, which is an 80% increase from before we started managing the page. While I hope the engagement gets better, it’s received a 121% increase over the past 28 days, which is when we started. Unfortunately our page likes are down 45% which may means we should focus more of our efforts there. Essentially if we receive more likes everything else will follow suit since that means it would be seen by more people.

Now that we have a better idea of the metrics and I’ve outlined a few of our issues prior, here’s what I have in mind going forward in terms of strategy for UCNFNY. We’ve defined our target audience as college students so I think the next step should be trying to increase the brands Facebook ‘likes’. To be more specific I think we need more college students to like the page. Posting the great content we have is meaningless if the audience is geared towards won’t see it so we need to get them to see this page and stay in tuned with what we have to offer. I have a hunch that the people who are subscribed to this page so far aren’t college students and therefore aren’t interested in this content. To put a number on it, I would like to grow our Facebook likes by at least 30% over the next month. I think the engagement on our posts will increase after that.

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