Bransford Webbs Plant Company

As a part of our Crop Production class, the 7 of us got to go visit and tour the Bransford Webbs nursery. This nursery is about 25 acres which produces 1,300,000 potted plants annually. With in this huge operation they have 46 permeant staff and 50 seasonal staff to get the work done. When we arrived Geoff Caesar, the general manager, welcomed us at the main office. He started our tour in the modern parts of the nursery, which included the glass houses. These green houses were equip with sand beds. These beds made it so there was no need for over head watering which cut down on the disease and fungal problems on a lot of their plants. They also have a tree section of the nursery that that have going all year. he took us through the propagation houses and we got to see some workers moving plugs to pots. they are very conscientious of the environment and have many measures to help protect it including, IPM, recycling, water harvesting, waste reduction, and sub irrigation. It great to see how their products are grown from their propagation houses to the finished product.

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