Social Media

I have several thoughts in my head and at times I think those thought are cleaver, witty, interesting, or simply need to be heard. So I look to social media to type them all out. The problem is my social media crowd, most specifically Facebook (that’s where all my friends still hang out even though people claim it isn’t cool) isn’t interested in the same things I am interested in.

Everyone knows that validation comes in the form of likes. Twitter even switched their “favorite” button to a “like” button. I will await the day when Snaptchat allows me to like something. Once on a Snapchat story I messaged back “I like this” to someone I barely even talk to, because I NEEDED them to know that I “liked” their picture and most specifically their caption of the picture. They did not respond.

So when I think I’m really clever and I post my clever thoughts to Facebook and no one likes it, I question if I’m really clever or not. I know I am, so why doesn’t anyone think I am?

These thoughts really came to my mind when I saw an article about Library Bars. A place where you can order a cocktail plus read books! Yes, absolutely count me in! First I wanted to share the article on Facebook but when I really thought about it who would “like” it? Then I remembered my favorite quote from The Great Gatsby,

I’ve been drunk for about a week now, and I thought it might sober me up to sit in a library.

I wanted to type out those words and share the link but I knew no one would care. So I came to my new friend Medium to type out my love for The Great Gatsby, libraries, and drinks. No one here will read this as nothing I’ve written on Medium has been read, but I got it out. I typed my thoughts all out and it feels good, it feels even better because no one will “like” this so I won’t be disappointed.

For more serious writing about real things and not just rants I have a real blog with real things to say The Wheels of Grace. Just in case.

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