Content That Will Move Your Growth Goals

[Free Tool] Combines Videos, Quizzes & Trivia to Generate Leads

Let me be straight with you. As content marketers, we kinda know what content’s going to work, what midlines and what dies. Or at least, I do.

Over the past year, the Teachable Blog has grow from measly to massive. There are viral spikes in Google Analytics from months ago that now seem small, lulls around the holidays, that one post in March that killed it, and a 2 week period where we broke our Google Analytics as a post went viral (we think).

This is my way of saying, I know every curve and spike of our analytics and I’m getting to a point where I can predict & manufacture them.

But before I tell you how to create something that will blow up your blog and actually grow revenue, I want to give you some context that I think you can relate to.

My Problem & Maybe Your Problem

When I was hired at Teachable, we were a team of 7, and now we’re at 22. While our team has tripled, our company however has 12x+ our monthly recurring revenue.

What that means, is that our content team has had to do work. AND it’s not enough to generate UVPMs — no, not at all. Working at a startup (even as content people) we’re challenged to measurably impact growth goals (new leads, monthly recurring revenue).

So, what the heck can content do that moves mid-funnel metrics?

Create something that people don’t “kinda want”. Create what they absolutely freaking need.

I know you’ve heard it before. And I don’t think the challenge is not knowing what people need. We know our audiences: Jane who always has an uplifting comment. Tom who fights every statistic you include. John who sends you way too personal email feedback.

The challenge is not a lack of knowledge, it’s having the time & resources to create it week over week in a quickly growing company.

Until recently, the solution has been creating a gated content upgrade within our already 3K worded blog post that was so damn good people we’re not only fine with entering their email to get it, but would share it.

The Really Hard Solution

To create a content upgrade with viral potential, I needed to create something great. Something like The Ultimate Email Example Guide where you can download email swipe copy from top marketers for every aspect of your biz. It meant tapping our designer to create downloadable slide templates for our audience of course creators. And then…it meant creating a quiz.

Born out of my own obsession with Buzzfeed and a desire to poke fun at our Founder’s background, I decided I wanted to create a quiz: Will Your Biz Idea Make Money?

The viral potential was there — people love and share quizzes. The growth potential was there — gate the answers and collect email addresses to receive them. The only thing that wasn’t there… the tech.

At 5pm on Wednesday, just 3 business hours before the post was supposed to go live. I realized the tech I was using wanted to charge me $500+ a month to use their quiz feature AND I had to set up a demo to upgrade. Uhhhh crap.

So I started searching and what I found was something that worked, but it wasn’t pretty.

It looked like this:

A far cry from this:

But even all the money in the bank couldn’t pay for the pretty thing when I needed it and the ugly thing worked, so we went with the ugly thing. And you know what, it still did relatively well.

That nasty looking quiz still 4xd our normal number of leads we normally get in a blog post (or new email submissions that allow us to talk to people who have never heard from us).

But damn was it ugly and what could it have done if it wasn’t.

The Easier & Cheaper Solution

Well, that’s when the team sat down for Teachable’s Hack week and decided to create Vizia.

A combination of video, quizzes and trivia, Vizia allows you to engage viewers by integrating quizzes, polls & questions directly into your videos with 1-click.

Here’s what it can do:

And, because we’re marketers, I’ll tell you right now that you can gate the results and require email addresses and it’s free. Period.

It’s 100% Free if you’d like to sign up:

And this, my friends, is going to change the game. Because normally, when your readers/viewers watch vidoes. They do this.

Click play. Stare.

And now, we’re hoping they’ll do this:

Click play. Get surprised. Think. Click. Play. Think. Click. Play.

Which I imagine to look like this:

For anyone else sitting out there creating content in a busy startup, it’s 1 click and you don’t need your designer, your developer or anyone else.

And you can embed your videos anywhere.

How I’m Using It

Since I’m a huge proponent of recycling (reduce work & reuse content), I’m going to make videos, use them in blog post, upload them to YouTube, tweet them out, Instagram them and make the Twitter social share a Twitter card.

And you know what, I might not even create new video. I think I’m going to revamp some of our old stuff.

But enough about what I’m going to do. What about you? Get growing with it and let me know below how it goes for you.

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