Mascots Costumes- Maybe Bigger, Definitely Better

In this era of new multi-million dollar stadiums, outrageously massive scoreboards, audio and light displays flooding arenas and fields during just about every play break, and other means of entertaining fans, one enduring symbol at games remains a crowd favorite year after year- the team mascot.

Mascot costumes have come a long way since their inception many years ago. Costumes are now lighter, safer, and provide more flexibility and mobility than the earliest models, which, by today’s standards, were not too safe to move around too quickly in, relatively immobile, extremely hot, with proper ventilation always a concern.

The health and welfare of the person donning the mascot costume is, of course, of primary importance. As mascots are almost always moving, running around and performing crazy acts and stunts, overheating inside the costume is a great concern, a potentially dangerous situation that can occur in any stadium or arena in any weather conditions. More so now than ever before, measures can be taken to ensure the mascot ‘experience’ is as cool and comfortable as possible.

Cooling fans can be installed in the head of the costume, possibly one of the most important pieces of the costume to have. Special vests with cooling pack inserts help keep the torso cooler, and are lightweight, the weight adjustable by the number of cooling packs used. Other accessories include lightweight crown coolers and neck wraps, each weighing less than 1 pound, cooling for up to 2 hours.

The available styles and varieties of mascot costumes are now limitless. Hundreds of costumes in any form- human, animal, creature, or other forms, can be found. If someone is looking for a special design, costume artisans, designers, and other craftsmen can come up with a costume that will fit the exacting specifications of the client. Design, color, size, and costume material are all taken into account in the design and manufacturing of the costume, custom-made to ensure a perfect fit. Better means of transporting the costume are now also available, much to the costume wearers delight.

Mascots are most commonly associated with schools and sports teams, but many corporations are now implementing mascots into their business practices. Company mascots can be seen at grand openings, media events, black tie events, conventions and galas, and just about anywhere else where people assemble or meet.

Parades are terrific mascot-friendly events. The mascot can really get crazy here, running up and down each side of the spectator-lined street, dancing to music, performing crazy stunts, and interacting with parade viewers of all ages.

For schools and sports teams, it’s a fun and exciting way to rouse team spirit. For companies, it can be an inexpensive yet unique way to get better brand exposure.

No matter where they are, what they’re doing, or who they represent, mascots help bring energy and vitality to any event. They help to bring an entertaining and fun element to the event, and into people’s lives, and continue to be a crowd favorite wherever they perform.

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Kyle has been providing quality mascot costumes to schools and businesses since 1985. She is proud that all of the mascots available are made in the USA with the guaranteed lowest price. It is her mission to make having fun and school spirit affordable for schools across the country.

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