My Food Story

My personal story with food began in my last year of college, I was offered a few jobs out of school but decided to follow my dream of backpacking across Europe… alone. To give you an idea of when this happened I landed in London and no more than a week later there were attacks in the underground and busses across the city. It was an eye-opener . A realization that life was short.

It also opened my heart to find simple joys in life. My second stop was Paris, France. Spending two weeks with my uncle who would go to the market every morning to buy fresh produce and bread. The food was a little piece of heaven.

I passed through Italy, crossed the canal and ended up in Greece where I met up with a friend. We rented a car and went from the northern part of Greece to the most southern tip. There were no hotels in sight. We realized the car was the best place to sleep until we met a few locals that invited us to a ‘party’.

It was a room filled with a maximum of 20 people. We sat down to eat and as I looked around the room I realized we were part of a very intimate wedding. Before us was an authentic home-made meal. We were a part of someones special day and they invited us to be a part of it. Mind you I didn’t speak a word of Greek, but the feeling of love was overwhelming.

Many plates broke that night.

Not only did this change my perception of food but made me realize I wanted this feeling to be a huge part of my life. That evening changed me. And so, this story has been imbedded into my business plan as well as a rooting point of my passion. Combining food and design and focusing on the experiences they bring us.

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—Ashley Howell

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