1. Illness in Montgomery County School System
  2. An illness has taken over Montgomery County School system, students are not able to come to school, and there are nit enough to substitutes to cover all of the the teachers that are out. can doctors supply enough sick notes to cover both the students and staff to cover them the whole length of the illnesses?
  3. Audio- calling the Director of Montgomery county school system, Dr. BJ Worthington, to get his opinion of the subject. Also ask why didn’t the school close during the time all the sickness is going around.

Written story- use several quotes from teachers, staff, parents of student, and students.

Video- scenes from outside a school, a doctors office, possible walking down the hallway of school. (Richview middle, Premier Medical, and Rossview elementary.

Photographs- a picture of a student in a doctors office, and a picture of a handful of doctors notes.

Links- would include a list of schools in surrounding areas that are closed due to illness.

4. Kim Goings, office staff chs, May Harrison School bus driver, Chelsi Barrett teacher from Kenwood, and Freida Travis parent of student at Montgomery central. Taylor Adkins a student at CHS.

5. Melinda Harris Principal of Barksdale Elementary School

6. BJ Worthington- (931) 920 — 7808 Director of Schools in Clarksville, Montgomery County

7. A student in the doctors office at Premier Medical

8. A link to WSMV school closing in middle Tennessee