Corn hole Discourse Community: Ashley Alfaro

Ashley Alfaro
4 min readNov 3, 2022

Two Paragraph blog essay:

After some research I found that one of the best corn hole players is Cheyenne Renner. After learning more about her, and watching some of her plays I believe that she is an amazing corn hole player. She is mostly known for having perfect airmail shots as well as four-bagger. Four baggers are when the four bean bags make it into the hole in a row. She is a great player and has really good aims and tactics when playing. She was named one of the best players in the year of 2021 and continues to play for the ACL which is a league that plays corn hole. This league is full with amazing players and Renner being one of the best players she has won a couple of championships for this league. I was never informed about the corn hole sport but after I learned more about it, I truly admire Cheyenne and how she plays. It makes me glad that women are out there playing and showing the good skills they have in championships.

Secondly, a story that really impacted me and surprised me was about the famous and best player Kaleb Hurt. It is surprising how he started the game of corn hole in his life. Kaleb and his dad started playing corn hol eat a birthday party and since then they have made great championship records. Kaleb Hurt is one of the best players and in 2021 he was named the best National Champion for corn hole. Hurts family is also involved in the corn hole community and they all play together, this is really interesting because it shows how they all support each other and how they found something that they all enjoy doing. In my opinion, Kaleb Hurt is a really good player and I never thought that this game would be so extreme and serious for this family. It is fun watching his shots and how he is a great player. One thing that I really liked about Kaleb Hurts journey is the fact that his whole family is in it and they are all included in games in which they are all involved in, it is nice seeing the whole family have fun in this game.

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