Life Lessons from Hitting Rockbottom

Ashley Cottrell
Sep 2, 2017 · 2 min read

I believe that almost everyone

is, or has been,

afraid of being “broke.”

Let me assure you, it’s not as bad as it seems

Hear me out. . .

Once you’re broke

(meaning without money, or struggling to keep money)

You have an entire new outlook on life

You learn who your real friends are

(and apparently you’re real family too)

No one ever asks to borrow anything from you

You start memorizing the prices of store items,

every clearance sale, discount, and coupon

You learn what credit score not to have

You discover how much your parents really sacrificed to raise you

You understand the true value of a dollar

and the real definition of hustle

You learn that you never really learned anything in school

except that it didn’t prepare you for the real world

and that college is expensive for no reason

You learn how much everything you own,

or used to own,

is worth

That homelessness can happen to anyone, at anytime, without warning

You learn that just because you lost many things

it doesn’t mean you lost your dignity, nor your self worth

And once you’re blessed with financial redemption

You realize you had more than you ever needed to begin with. . .

Ashley Cottrell

Written by

Copywriter by day, creative insomniac by night.

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