I have been analysing about where I spend my emotions everyday.By emotions I mean what kind of situations consume a lot of my energy . We all know it .Yes,most of the energy is wasted on trivial situations which do not demand my attention.

The other day ,my vehicle got stuck in traffic.It was getting late for me to reach office .My mind went on overdrive where I scolded each and every person who happened to be on the road with me.At the end ,it put me in a bad mood for the whole day.In the end,I got two takeaways :

  1. Everyone was in a hurry just like me.Nothing could be done about it.Oblivious to that,I went on and on in my head .Also ,why to waste my rant on strangers ?Without thinking,do not waste your thoughts and emotions .

Whenever an unnecessary thought or emotion occurs,nip it in the bud .I could have been rational the other day or even started early.Take ownership for your actions.

2. You decide what you spend your time on.

Food for thought!

I was the sole contributor of my own emotions that day.All of us spend such time on unwanted activities,people or thoughts.In the end,you reap what you sow.So the consequences are there for you to experience.

This small thought process about a minor incident which is prevalent in many peoples’ lives gave me insight about what needs to change.

Change your thought process .Identifying mistakes and transforming yourself is the path to self realisation.:)

Have a great life !

PS :I do not own any of the images.