Series Creation




  • based on film photography in Toronto, ON
  • first book would be based on my own personal film in Toronto
  • Age range — youth-young adults that are into city culture or photography, specifically film.
  • The other books in the series would be based on film…

Website Re-brand

Interactive Quiz Feature


  • all organic brand, from packaging to actual product
  • most products are based and sourced from California USA
  • very clean and fresh look to the brand
  • products can be found at sephora or on the verb website
  • brand focus is fresh and clean “a…

Brand creation


Everything in-between


  • started in 2018 Live Fast Die Pretty is a makeup brand that focuses on nightlife and bright lights
  • its branding is recognizable and youthful
  • Although it is a new Brand it is sold in Canadian stores like Sephora and across the USA in…

Ashley Badran

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