The Curvy Girl Diaries

Stress everyone knows it everyone feels it every single day lets just say this week has been one of those weeks. Many people have many different ways of dealing with it whether it be using Essential Oils, Meditation, taking specific prescribed medications,or just exercise. There are so many reasons a person gets stressed and there are some things that stress people out and some things that don't. Well my week has been full of enough of it, I am currently in the process of switching jobs, I will be working at Hope Network as a Medical Assistant. I am leaving my job at Rebounderz Grand Rapids it is going to be a little stressful for me since I am going from something of a routine job I am familiar with doing just about every day, and going in to a job that yes I went ,to school for ,and have a ton of training in ,but one that is new territory , in a different place with new people,new procedures,and new new new. those of you who suffer from anxiety know what I mean when you go into a totally new place not completely knowing what is exactly going to happen and having all the What If’s going through your head.

Any way good news is I am very excited for my new ventures. I have lost another 5 pounds yayyy meeee, indeed it was not easy nor will it ever become easy weight loss is nothing that is easy.It requires a lot of determination and will power it is so tempting for me to be at work since I work around food that is less than healthy and telling myself no I will not eat that slice of pizza sitting right there! no no no. This journey has taught me that I am indeed much stronger than I think I am. YOU are stronger than you think you are I promise you, give yourslef the credit you deserve for things , always celebrate the small victories, celebrating small victories will keep you on track to keep aiming for the big goal. It is true also seeing these small victories is a great way to also keep track of your progress toward your big goal and keep going for it. I hope your week has been amazing and you havent encountered too much stress.

I ask you what do you do when YOU are stressed and how does it help you to overcome it?

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