Promoting Good Animation — The Lady and The Reaper
Victoria Rose

I love the context of this animation. The style is pleasing, I like the character designs and the background style. I interpreted the meaning a little differently, while with the suicide, I also saw life and death, and heartbreak. The way three themes overlap is interesting.

After a few seconds, when the music stops playing, I picked up on she is missing someone. Or, some people would consider it dying from a heartbreak of missing someone. When she goes to sleep, to me she dreams of death or meeting death so that is why the music tone is softer and airy.

When the battle of life and death, begins the humor is added and you see the phase “It’s touch and go” take effect. You are also introduced to a famous Doctor, who is known to save all his patients lives. One of my favorite scenes, comes from the chase sequence. They are jumping through different file cabinets, it remains me of the scenes depicted in Scooby-Doo, with a new twist.

When the story is coming to close, I started to wondered how the artist would portray the suicide. Once she wakes up, she has her own little piece of action, in a way going out strong and on her terms. I imagine once she met death again, she was reunited with her once lost love. I also loved the sounds used and the score played upon the grim reapers appearance.

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