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Shot I took at the airport at sunrise

Charming, welcoming, entertaining, and plentiful are just a few words that I (and many others) would use to describe the city of Edinburgh.

A quick background for you. Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and has been recognized as such since at least the 15th century! The city is essentially divided into two parts: Old Town and New Town. Both areas are completely different from one another. They meet at Princes Street which is easily a vocal point of the city in general. The city is home to the Scottish Parliament, the Edinburgh Castle where the country’s crown jewels are housed, and my personal favorite, the hotel where J.K. …

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I refuse to part with you!

Earlier this year, I went on a 20-day, unplugged road-trip with my dad. Upon returning, my mom surprised me with a welcome home gift: a brand new Apple Watch. Nothing says “welcome home” from a technology, social media detox trip like another piece of technology!

Anyways, I never really had any interest in the Apple Watch. Sure, it looked pretty, but not being much of a jewelry wearer, it was never on my list of ‘must-needs’. My mom got it for me, though, so I gave her the benefit of the doubt, tried it out, and the rest is history!

Lucy (yes, I gave her a name) holds me more accountable than anybody ever will. She reminds me to stand up every hour to avoid sloutchy posture and to take a moment to breathe. …


Ashley Derrington

UGA bulldawg forever and always. LA transplant. Lover of food, sports, entertainment, tattoos, and travel. Oh, and I judge people on their shoes.

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