Model Physicist
Yangyang Cheng

Hi Yangyang,

My name is Ashley and I am studying right now to earn my Physics Ph.D at Louisiana State University. My area of study is nuclear astrophysics. I build detectors, go to experiments at MSU and FSU and take data, and I write code to analyze said data. I too have encountered sexism in academia (what woman hasn’t?) I’m really intrigued by your interest in politics and public policy! I too am interested in this. What got you into it? What particular issues are you interested in? Would you like to be involved in American politics or Chinese?

I am very concerned with achieving racial and gender equality and working toward a more peaceful, loving society. I think that I could use my smarts in Physics to be a force for educating the public about science or making good science education more accessible. I’d love to hear back from you! :)