Data as an Artifact, Separate from the Person Contributing to It
Shaquawnna Vinnett

Both thinking of data as an artifact of a specific time and as a reflection of one’s life as the exact moment are feasible notions, however, I am leaning towards the idea that it could be a little of both. Data can represent a lot of things, and individuals are constantly evolving and adapting to different circumstances, resulting in the altering of his or her actitvities. Seeing this data as an artifact of time is interesting, because drawing a conclusion from a short time interval is something that does not sound very accurate when put into words. However, no matter how long the interval of time may be, it is still a reflection of the self at that moment.

I believe that any data having to do with the self that is natural and unaltered can be considered the authentic self. Once people start monitoring their behaviors along the tracking process, this makes it less authentic in my opinion. So what can start out as being authentic can end up not being authentic, which happens because when we notice something, we are inclined to try and “fix”.

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