There’s an app for that
Michael Ruiz

I see self-measuring as a positive tool to track progress. As humans, we ar constantly growing as individuals, and I believe that without a way to document our growth in certain areas, in a way we are a not taking advantage of the opportunity to become self aware. If habits and behaviors remained anonymous, I feel as though the entire idea of setting goals and achieving certain things goes to waste, which is an important aspect of life, due to the fact that we are, as I mentioned before, constantly growing. Knowledge or measurement of this growth, in my opinion, is necessary, however, I do see your point that perhaps if individuals start to measure a certain part about themselves, then it takes away from the “natural” aspect of life. When people begin to “track” themselves, this does alter the way the individual acts or performs the action. However, in most cases it is good to correct poor habits.

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