I am not a story
Michael Ruiz

Often times, human beings have the desire to narrate their lives, however, I stand on the side of humanity being “anti-narrative”, in the sense that over the course of life, no one can completely dictate what will occur. Many aspects of life you cannot predict, nor can you force to happen or not happen. In a narrative, the individual tells the story exactly how they want it to be perceived at that moment, however in life, I believe that you can expect to change what you expect out of life, or may experience a turbulance or curevball that was unexpected. You live life, life does not live you. In other words, life will automatically take its natural course, and humanity is just along for the ride.

On the other end of the spectrum, it is important to ponder the idea/question that if humanity truly is anti-narrative, is there a purpose in predetermining your life and setting goals to reach? I believe that the concepts of “anti-narrative” and “narrative” go hand in hand, being that one does not occur without the other. If I predetermine a situation and it does not follow through the way I had planned for it to, that supports the idea of anti-narrative. However, if from that situation I choose to alter my life to adapt to the situation, that supports having a narrative, and the free will to make those major decisions for yourself.

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