Booking an appointment with Gastroenterologist

Constantly facing digestive problems such as frequent abdominal pain, nausea or heartburn? It is better to consult a physician, who may recommend some lifestyle changes, or treat the condition with over the counter or prescription drugs to prevent the problem from worsening. But if the problem persists for long, he/she may recommend you to consult a gastroenterologist.

“I enjoy doing practical things and this specialty offered me the chance to carry out procedures such as endoscopies. I also like talking to patients, and the work allows for this also. There is a fairly broad range of conditions, which give me variety.” — a gastroenterologist

Gastroenterologists are doctors who investigate, diagnose, treat and prevent all gastrointestinal (stomach and intestines) and hepatological (liver, gallbladder, biliary tree and pancreas) diseases.

Attractions and challenges of the role

Many gastroenterologists enjoy the varied nature of the specialty and being able to benefit from the continuing advances in the treatment of common conditions.

Gastroenterologist procedures can make big difference to a patient’s life and many can be undertaken without surgery. Relatively non-invasive procedures, like removing gall stone or taking out a difficult polyp without the need for an operation, are routinely satisfying part of the role. Many specialists cite the most challenging aspect as dealing with people who have incurable functional disorders. Helping patients to accept that they will have to learn to live with these problems (although symptoms may be alleviated) is a difficult part of the role. Therefore, the hours can be challenging.

Gastroenterologist treat conditions such as:

· Gastrointestinal bleeding

· Gastrointestinal cancer

· Anaemia- a condition where the haemoglobin the blood is below normal levels.

· Jaundice

· Bleeding is digestive tract

· Difficulty swallowing

· Management of alcoholic, viral hepatitis and autoimmune liver disorders

· Small pouches in the intestine


Many gastroenterologists develop sub-specialty such as:

· Hepatology (diseases of the liver)

· Tropical diseases

· Clinical nutrition

· Pancreatic disease

· Transplantation

· Functional bowel disease

· Clinical pharmacology

Many gastroenterologists participate in on-call presence. Most of them are also part of the acute general medical on-call, which means they manage acute gastro and non-gastro admission. Dealing with gastropathy book an appointment with gastroenterologist available in Apollo hospital, Ganga Ram hospital, Fortis clinics etc.