To my friends who voted for Donald Trump

Did you see this coming?

Donald Trump, surrounded by men, making decisions on behalf of women’s reproductive health.

When you went and casted your vote for Donald Trump on November 8th, you spit in the face of millions of Americans. Women, minorities of every facet including racial and religious, and activists alike. We have every right to be angry with you for voting for someone who did not elaborate on major platforms, who did not release his taxes, and who has many questionable allegations against him regarding sexual assault and faulty business.

Now, after his inauguration, we have seen the dismiss of pages with vital information about climate change, the reinstatement of the Global Gag Rule, and the prohibition of sharing data from the USDA (which has since been rescinded, thankfully), the go ahead with DAPL, and actions preparing for the repeal of the ACA (just to name a few). I sit here and ask myself why on Earth people would support this man, and how they possibly think this could be beneficial for America as a whole. The only conclusion I can come to is that this is a matter of compassion for people not like you, for people whose struggles you will never know. If you support Donald Trump, I am sorry to say that you evidently do not give a damn about women, people who are not white, clean water, healthcare, or the state of our planet. For people who criticize the women’s march not for reasons like the fact that it was exclusive to trans+ folk or women of color, but because you don’t feel like a second class citizen. I am here to tell you, not only are you speaking from a position of privilege given that you feel that way and are able to voice that; you are indeed, a second class citizen to Donald Trump because he does not value your rights to your body as a woman in the United States or anywhere else, as told by his reinstation of the Global Gag Rule.

For awhile now I have been going with the notion that I do not wish for President Trump’s failure; but that I would continue to be critical of his every action and do everything in my personal power to make sure that I am not sitting complacent while he makes destructive decisions that impact myself and a lot of other Americans. Now, I can no longer say that. When the decisions that our commander in-chief makes take us ten steps backwards, I wish for his failure.

Tweeted by Nathalie Priscilla (@priscillux) on January 23rd.

Despite the decisions made by President Trump, resistance is very much alive and well. We saw this in the widespread protests across the globe and the continuing fight in Standing Rock. We must continue to peacefully protest, volunteer, and donate to causes that reflect our values as Americans; while being inclusive to those who may not share the same gender, race, sexuality, or religion as you.

Keep up the good fight.