One Year on The Job and I’m Told to Sign This or I’m Fired.

My boss is not a person to stray from controversy — politically correct is not a part of his vocabulary. He is at his best going up against people trolling on Facebook, and lives for hate emails (particularly those with terrible grammar). So when I got this new employee contract (mind you I’ve been here for a year) on my desk, I wasn’t surprised in the least.

To break it down I’ll pick out the parts that stood out immediately.

“During your employment at The Silent Partner Marketing, you may be exposed to materials including but not limited to the following: controlled substances, photos, videos or models depicting partial nudity, controversial content and risqué marketing materials.”

I mean, it’s not wrong.

We’re not shooting pornos or growing pot in the closet or anything like that, but when Kyle Reyes, my boss and owner of The Silent Partner Marketing uses the word outrageous, he does not take that lightly. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked in on a body builder in a speedo, a product shoot for medical marijuana, or that time he wanted to hire half naked people to serve smoothies in a park at a pop-up stand. He’s always looking for a way to get a rise out of people and somehow always turns a positive spin on it before it gets out of control.

“We don’t believe in “trigger warnings” or “safe spaces” — we are a place of business and we are in the business of serving others”.

Keeping in mind the fact that our agency was built on not being PC, this should be a given.

“Negativity and disrespect have no place in our company. We eat sunshine and excrete marketing genius.”

Coming from a retail background I am actually ALL ABOUT this. I believe that negativity is contagious and toxic. Once you have one negative person in an office (especially one as small as ours) it just brings down everyone’s mood.


“We expect you to challenge ideas and to do it constructively. We expect you to push the envelope. We expect you to not take advantage of having one of the most incredible work environments in the country…but to instead leverage that environment to continue fueling creativity and innovation.”

THIS. This is the core of why I love working here. It doesn’t matter if we’re working with a Connecticut business or a multi-billion dollar corporation. I have a voice and I am ENCOURAGED to use it. No matter how crazy my ideas might be, I get my 30 second pitch. If the idea “has legs” then we run with it, if it doesn’t then it gets put off to the side. It’s nothing personal, and I get that. The problem is some people (who have never been told no in their life) might not, and that’s okay.

It just means you can’t sit with us.

But while you were hiding in your safe space, we were out having fun, kicking ass, and taking names.

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