The New Normal
Stephanie Wittels Wachs

Stephanie, I have never commented on an article. I’ll be honest I don’t read books I read medium. I’ve read a lot of them. This morning when I read this I didn’t comment either. All day I thought about it. And so tonight while my son sleeps, I wanted to put together this note. This is perhaps the most well written description of grief after a sudden death, comforting in finding others feel the same way you do. I did not lose my sibling, I did lose a cousin to a terrible drinking accident. I was in the house for the 2am doorbell when the police delivered the news to my aunt and uncle, and I then drove with my dad house to house to tell the rest of our family. Even though that was years ago now, reading your article brought it back as if it was yesterday. Today it brought it back from the perspective of a parent. I hadn’t relived that moment as if I was parent bc wasn’t then. Now that I have a young son, I reflected on your story and mine as a parent. I won’t dwell on the lessons learned or all the emotions that one with access to a mom brain. Today was a day of healthy perspective, at a time when I needed it. So for that. I thank you.
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