Retrospective: Rapid Prototyping

Title: Finding the right happy hour for Millennials

Problem: Millenials find it difficult to find a happy hour that suits their needs.

Goal: Find an easy way for Millenials to locate the right happy hour for them.

User Research

The first thing I did was think about the information that I would need to understand why Millenials don’t go to happy hours. Then I created questions around how to get those answers. I don’t think that I asked enough “why” questions. I noticed this during my affinity mapping as well when I was grouping concepts that I had alot of surface level answers. This surprised me beacuse I felt that my questions were good, and the answers I were reciveing were packed with information. I learned that asking deep enough questions is just as important as the answers that support them.

Initial affinity mapping attempt after categorizing interview data


However, I did get some really good insights by asking questions like

“I tend to overspend at dinners and events, so happy hours are the perfect place for me to go out on a budget.”

Another person told me that they

“See happy hours as a great place to meet likeminded young professionals”.

One person mentioned that they

“Would appreciate knowing about wait times prior to arriving to avoid perhaps missing the happy hour”.

Lastly, I was informed that

“It would be nice to know about the locations with a decent size happy hour food menu.”
Revised affinity mapping

I decided to rearrange my affinity map based on the “why answers” that I did get and focus on the fact that millenials want to socialize, an inexpensive menu, food options, and logistics to be in order. This stuck out to me becuase not only do people want information on a location prior to getting there, they also want it fast.


Sketching is something that’s not new for me, however it’s something that I should do more often. Everytime I sketching something new and imported into my POP app, I saw features that I was missing.

The first iterations of my sketches were me trying to come up with as many iterations as I could. I did this to break outside of the initial look I had in mind that were keeping me boxed in. A few of my sketches are below.

Sketches show rapid prototypes with the goal of coming up with different ways to add user information


Protoyping, again something that was not new for me, however protyping using low fidelity mockups were. As I went back and revisited my affinity map, I realized that I missed key aspects, or was running in the wrong direction with an idea. The sketches really helped to refine my details. Using the POP application, I was able have users test my sketches and get a feel for how people interacted with it. A few of my prototypes are below.

Final prototypes after refining sketches


An instant feed of a users needs for finding the perfect happy hour.

How did I do this? Came up with key elements from my insights to aid in the users problem. Those elements include:

  • Matching their personal needs with happy hours they’d enjoy
  • Daily deal that pops up on their phone every day they open the app
  • A way to search happy hours that match their needs and locations

What Now?

After revisiting my insights, and asking more questions, I hope to find out what drives millenials to happy hours in the first place. I’m looking forward to finding out why this app is significant over an app like “YELP”.