The DemiCoin

It is becoming glaringly clear that the future of currency trading lies on cryptocurrencies. As it stands now, there are so many different digital currencies in the market, but only those with very unique features will survive the test of time.
The Demicoin is one of such currencies; it currently has its Initial Coin Offer (ICO) at $0.25 per Dec Token and will end at $1.25 per Dec Token by December 28, 2017. 
The Demicoin offers a faster, more secure and private transaction platform than even the Bitcoin. Its platform powered by Blockchain Technology can handle over 5.9 million transactions in one second. When compared to Bitcoin’s seven transactions per second, the resulting difference is clear as to which crypto is better than the other.
Now, how about other cryptocurrencies claimed to have the fastest transaction processing Blockchain Technology?
Research has shown that only the Ripple comes close to the Demicoin at 3–5 seconds. Ethereum has 15 second block times, Litecoin has 2.5 minute block time, and Bitcoin has a whopping 10 minute block times.
With the unbelievably amazing features of the Demicoin, we believe it is going to replace the Bitcoin soon enough. With the current ICO price of $0.25 per Dec token, there is factual evidence that this coin will rise to a projected $55 by February 2018 because of its features and benefits.
All investors and potential users are encouraged to take a decision today as each day increases the value of the Demicoin. 
The Demicoin will offer cheaper transaction charges, a more robust and secure platform and faster transaction reconciliation compared to the Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
Potential users can get registered right away to earn 20 free tokens. 
The Initial Coin Offer has already taken place on December 1, 2017, and the ICO has moved from $0.25 to $0.50. 
As more investors get in and demand increases, the value will continue to rise and we all know how astronomical the value of a cryptocurrency can become when its demand increases.
Personally, I have invested $1,000, and I don’t really care how it turns out, but I know I will be getting an unbelievable percentage in ROI (return on investment). 
The value of the Demi Coin will definitely rise; registered users are already at 53, 886. This number was at the time of doing this write-up and would be far higher than that by now.
There is need to invest now to utilize this opportunity to the fullest because the total Demicoin supply is at 20,000,000 units with an Initial Coin Offer (ICO) token supply of 15,251,453 tokens. The ICO start price is at $0.25 while the end price is at $1.25.
The Pre ICO start date commenced on 26th November and ended on 27th November 2017 while the actual ICO state date started by 27th November and ended on 28th November 2017. 
The objective of this Initial Coin Offer is to raise at least $ 10,000,000 as there will be no issuance of tokens after the ICO. Any undistributed tokens after the ICO will be eliminated.
Internal and External trading on Bitrex and Coinexchange will commence once the Initial Coin Offer closes on December 28th, 2017.
With Demicoin, you can say goodbye to chargebacks and spurious transaction charges. Transfers are reconciled instantaneously at a very little cost to anyone. Users can monitor their transactions through Blockchain wallets and save their funds in wallets built for cloud, Android, OSX and PC. 
Safety is a major feature of the DemiCoin platform.
It incorporates security, privacy, speed and infinitesimal transaction charges, unlike any other cryptocurrency. 
The Demcoin is the future.