All you need is within! What the hell does that mean?

They say that everything you are looking for, can be found within.
I know that this is a difficult concept to grasp if you haven’t felt it before.
I was exactly the same.
I understood the idea, and somehow tried to make it true for myself, with some success.
But would always fall back into searching for things outside of myself once again. 
Because my choice of escape is A LOT of fun. 
And who doesn’t want fun? 
But the fun comes at a price. 
That when the magic has run out and you have nothing else to distract you anymore, it hits you like a fucking brick, whatever it is that you are looking for.
And it makes you sad/angry/depressed… take your pick.
And then you go looking for your newest escape.
The whole cycle starts again yet the mask is even thicker now.

So what I did (without truly realizing it) and with the help of an incredibly insightful dream (thank you my lovely subconscious), I stopped searching.
I sat with my feelings and explored them.
Let them pass through me and truly felt them (read : cried my fucking eyes out!)

Wobbly as fuck wouldn’t even begin to describe it.

My emotions were on steroids
Anything and everything triggered an onset of feelings (Anger and sadness being the main two).
And instead of pushing them to the side and putting my positive hat on, I felt them. Expressed them , writing it all out and gave them the space they needed.
And you know what, everytime it happened, I got a little closer to the peace within.
Because that’s what it really feels like.


Calm, is the new address that I live at.

With it comes an immense amount of strength, love and ease.

It is lovely to be so at peace with life.

And I truly feel on a profound level that all that we are searching for can be found inside, because that is EXACTLY what I am experiencing right now.

Go within, that’s where the ease of life lives.