Friday, March 7th.

Today is my early work shift so I wake up around 6am and head out to get to the library by 7am.

I arrive and sit for awhile, help a few students and read some of Bonhoeffer’s Life Together.

It’s 10:30am and I’m officially off work now. I head back to my apartment and plop on my bed.

Kezzi asks me what my plans are for the day and then invites me to hop on the Gold Line and visit Chrissie in the Arts District once she gets off work.

I eat lunch, watch some New Girl and get ready before heading to the Metro station.

The metro ride over goes well, talking about post-college plans and a nearby hovering helicopter.

We arrive at the Arts District/Little Tokyo station and hop off. We find ourselves at Groundworks where we struggle to find open seating.

We end up at a small circle table on the second floor where we realize both our laptops are dead and are unable to work on any homework.

Looks like we’re rockin it old fashioned. I read more of my book while she organizes her planner before we spy an open outlet and quickly snatch it.

Hours pass and it’s time to wander off to Chrissie’s work. We finally arrive after a few wrong turns and are buzzed in to the loft building where she works. We enter the loft and it’s an open space with wood floors, fancy furniture and oversized art. They ask if we want some beer or wine.

I walk around and meet everybody as we all do small talk. School. Our apartment. Being roommates with Chrissie.

Chrissie gives a tour with our wine in hand and then we shortly head out to our dinner location.

We walk a few blocks and arrive at the outdoor eatery. There’s a stationery food truck with a drinks trailer nearby. I order the chicken wrap on a salad with a side of smashed potatoes.

We find a table and sit besides fellow young and old friends. The atmosphere is very laid back and trendy.

We scarf down our food and head back towards the metro where we get split up on the crowded bus.

We make it back to Azusa after an unusually speedy metro ride. Walk, walk, walk back to UV.

We arrive. I lay on my bed and watch another episode of 13 Reasons Why. The roommates play music and get ready in the bathroom.

Chrissie and I are about to leave soon for our bowling night Oxford hang out. We’re getting crepes and yogurt beforehand so we plan to leave around 8:45pm.

I drive and we pick up Katy, Marissa and Alex. They like my car. I fill up the gas tank.

We get our dessert and head to the bowling alley. The bowling alley was a lot more dirty than I last remembered.

The bowling pins won’t go up so we refresh the lane after each bowl. It’s getting wearisome. We play two games and I didn’t do half bad considering the greasy filthy balls I was working with.

We head back to APU. It’s time for some sleep. Good night world!

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