It’s April 4th, which means one month away from one pretty big day. Of course the other students have forbidden the “g” word to ever be spoken, out of fear of the future I suppose. But for me, I’m ready. I’m excited for new scenery, new people, just newness. With that, however, I want to try my best to finish strong and well.

So, hence my new daily ramblings about this next and final month. What I’ve done, who I’ve seen, how I’ve felt. I thought it would be fun to look back on these days one day, one day when I miss it.

Today is where I will begin. April 4, 2017.

I started my morning eating a mango and sitting in a library chair journaling and reading more about how to be a loving person. I’m learning it’s not the easiest thing, but I’m growing. I’m reading Walter Brueggemann’s “A Way Other Than Our Own” which was a lent devotional given to me as a gift from my senior seminar professor.

It’s Tuesday which means I have my PR class at 9:25am. My professor Ismael has his two young kids in the class with us today and his daughter gives a presentation on Star Wars.

Ismael then begins his part of the lecture about whether or not PR can be found in the Bible. I don’t think it can be.

We then discussed APU, its culture, its Christian bubble and chapels. We argued and provided insightful input on a place I’ve been at for the past 3.5 years. I’m learning a lot about not only the way APU has shaped me but who I will be when I leave it.

The APU bubble is a tragic yet real part of the culture. I’m curious how everyone will feel and transition once they graduate away from forced community and three chapel requirement living.

I hope I meet people who are eager for intentional community rather than forced ones and for real moments of genuine growth in their faith rather than merely fulfilling chapel requirements.

After class I made a quick lunch on the go so I could go to Klatch and get some work done before Photography at 12:50.

In photography we did our “body” project critiques. My series was titled “Black + White” and contains images of the skin tone on my legs and hands in contrast to the dark shades of Tunde’s legs and hands. It also contains shadowed images of just him. The class asked who it was and after responding that the subject of these photos was my boyfriend I got filtered looks of shock. I don’t think they were expecting me to respond that way. I’m getting used to that.

After photography I got an iced tea from campus and made my way to the desk in my room to do more work while listening to Chapter IV of the S-Town podcast.

It was time to head to west campus for Sunny’s art show “Post-90's Proverbs”. I drove Babs and I and we saw several of our classmates art shows (plus got free snacks!). From there, I drive down the block to the local Mexican food truck for $1 taco Tuesday.

We ate in my car in a parking lot, not talking about much. Just enjoying tacos and each other. It was nice while it lasted, then I ran off to my 7:40pm class.

The rest was all fairly familiar. It’s 11:19 now and I lay on top of my covers on my bed because my apartment is 81 degrees (literally). But the diffuser is on and my eyes are getting heavy.

Until tomorrow.

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