Saturday, March 8.

Woke up at 10am. This is how every Saturday should be. I quickly get ready and head out the door. I know I have a lot of work to get done but I also know I want to visit Babs at work.

And by quickly I mean that I get out of the apartment by 11:15am or so.

I jump in the Jeep and head towards the Claremont Village. I can’t keep track of how many times I’ve driven this route.

About a mile or so before my exit, I feel an unusual bumpiness in the road and a strange noise coming from the back of my car.

Intuition kicks in before I can even think. I blew a tire.

I pull over to the dangerously small gap between the freeway wall and 80 mph vehicles whizzing by me. I climb over my center console into the passengers seat to look in the back of my car. Tires flat.

I call my dad, as any independent and self sufficient woman would do. He’s on his way, like the hero he always is.

I also call AAA to expedite the entire process. I tell everyone my location the best I could. It’s now I realize how terrible at distance estimates I am.

My dad arrives and kindly let’s me take his car to take and carry out my day. He knew I needed to study. He’s the best.

I guiltily but unreluctantly take his car and leave him and my Jeep stranded on the freeway.

I make it to the village where I visit Babs at Grizzly’s Biscuits & Donuts shop. I order a $10 hash brown bowl. I’m too poor for this.

But I get to see Babs smile and it’s worth it all. He luckily gets to take his break right as I get my food. We walk out and he gets some lunch at a local cheese shop.

I drop him back off at work and head to my favorite coffee shop, Augie’s. I pray a space is available and start thinking about what drink I’m going to order.

Iced latte with a side seat available at the end of the community table in the center of the shop. Happy girl.

I work and work some more. Dad finishes car drama and meets me where I am. I run out to give him some of his belongings that he left in his car.

I tell him I’ll meet him back home to switch cars once I finished up at Augie’s.

Babs gets off work, I finish studying. We head to his house and chill for a bit before going to drop off the car at my place.

We stand with my dad in the garage, he shows us his newly organized work bench and mouse trap contraption. I pet and hug my dog Max.

We leave not too long after we first arrive. I know Babs’ grandma is in town and wants to see us. We make a few errands and then get back to his house.

We chill some more, talk some more, chill some more. We decide to go get dinner seeing that everyone else has already eaten. We go to the burger place down to street and calculate how much each additional topping will be. I’m proud of us.

We eat and savor every penny spent on these handcrafted burgers before heading back to hang out with his family for some more.

We decide to get in the jacuzzi at his house but quickly get overheated and hop out. I think our day is over now. We dry off, change and pack up and head back to APU.

Time for sleep. Until tomorrow.

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