Sunday, April 9th.

It’s Sunday, which means church in the morning. I drive out to Claremont, go to church, it’s Palm Sunday so we have a picnic gathering outside afterwards. We hang out for a bit, eat some food and talk with others. Then we head to Babs house and relax, his grandma asks us about post-college plans.

We decide to go to the village for coffee or ice cream. Babs and his grandma got ice cream, I got a toddy float (which is ice cream and coffee). I’m in love.

We run into my roommate and fellow APU student at Augie’s so we stop and talk for a bit. Small talk, really.

We head back to Babs house and relax. We have homework to do but we never get to lounge around with his family. So we prioritize.

We end up heading back to APU around 6pm right in time for me to work at 8.

Now that I think about it, Sundays are never anything spectacularly exciting. But I guess that’s why it’s nice. Sundays are a good excuse to rest, to not do anything. To spend time with others.

I go to work at 8 for a few hours, it’s chill as always. Answer printing questions, browse more jobs. Load paper in the printers, browse more jobs.

No luck on the job front. But work is over, so I’m happy.

I head back home, relax and head to bed.

Sundays over.