Professional development is the lifelong evolution of your career. Whether you’ve just started a new job, you’re a veteran in your industry, or you’re switching fields, professional development will always be a key proponent of your career journey and your success.

Along with being influenced by the jobs themselves — from a junior position to a more senior role over time — your professional development will also be impacted by the experiences you gain on the job, the mentoring you might receive from your manager, the success you achieve at every stage of your career, and the feedback you’re provided with along the way. …

In this day and age of COVID-19, volunteering, and other forms of community support — albeit at a safe social distance — are now more important than ever. Food, soap, water, and shelter are several of life’s necessities that we often take for granted. But we should count ourselves lucky if we are able to stock our kitchen with food, wash our hands regularly, and enjoy the safety of our home.

However, for those affected by poverty, these are essential needs that they can hardly take for granted, as every day is a fight to make ends meet for themselves and their loved ones. …

Many of us are stressed enough as is when it comes to taking care of our own physical and mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re doing our best to keep the virus at bay by wearing face masks, social distancing, and washing our hands innumerable times each day. We’re trying to fight off our loneliness and desire for real-life interaction, by calling or engaging in video chats with our family and friends.

But for those of us who are parents, that stress is multiplied by the number of kids we have. …


Ashley Kretzschmar

Ashley Kretzschmar is a thought leader liaison for Regeneron. OSU & University of Phoenix Alumni. Master’s in Business Admin residing in Aledo, TX

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