Genuine Mental Health Progress

A pervasive and persistent low mood that is accompanied by low self-esteem and a deeply ingrained and maladaptive pattern of behavior of a specified kind, typically manifest by the time one reaches adolescence and causing long-term difficulties in personal relationships or in functioning in society.

This is my struggle. There is only a small detail to the bigger picture I live in.

The familiarity of “nothing happens overnight” is an ideal we take lightly but is a severe reality. There are not too many quick fixes that you can wake up to and be taken care of. I plan to share moments of my life that lead to points of needing to find mental health experts that have defined the experiences I have faced. I am going to discuss through my progress of treatment of how these experiences and lessons have changed me and the positive impact it has made my mental health.

The use of events I share constitute the stages of change I have experienced in various situations.This is the key concept to keep in mind.

“I finished the final performance of our Christmas Pageant on December 13, 2015. I came home from that final performance and I crashed on the recliner in the family room. While lying in the recliner, I felt the loss of mobility; gradually progressing throughout my body. The pain and stiffness I felt came to a point where I could only move my hand to replay Merry Christmas Charlie Brown. Replaying the cartoon kept my head busy long enough from coming up with any potential to do harm to myself. After that day passed I thought I would be alright and be able to carry on. Which so happens I did make it through December and I was alright.”

Above describes the very first of many incidents where my mental health has gone from idle to an extreme violent volcanic eruption. Through future postings I plan to share an experience following an advised lesson taught by experienced licensed therapist, with links to their resources.

The point of this is to reinforce for me what I have learned as a part of coping. To also continue my personal progress of creating a strong hand over my mental health. I could only pray it would help others understand or empathize to others who may be enduring the same thing. This is my second ideal purpose of these postings.

These postings are not for self-gain, recognition, to show off, or to seem better than anyone. I very much struggle just as anyone else. One more strong idea to keep in mind if you decide to continue following my posts.

I need to thank my family, friends, therapist, organizations, and the families and friends of unconditional support to men and women God gave the specific minds to, to help: support, invest, inspire, spark a passion, and live out the work they have put into getting individuals like myself through the difficulties that have brought individuals like myself to where we are today.

Thank You