This is What I Need

I need someone who loves Jesus Christ before loving anything or anyone else in their life

I need someone who has a strong sense of self

I need someone who is my closest best friend first before any other intimate title

I need someone who knows how to lead and simultaneously be supportive

I need someone who can look through my flaws and still communicate to me

I need someone who loves and will talk sports but also loves and will talk academics

I need someone that watches Fox News with me and is willing to talk to me to explain as it goes

I need someone who supports yet challenges and leads me to think above the box of think I maybe in

I need someone who applies their knowledge to their everyday life and shares what they know with me

I need someone to remind me that I have the knowledge and skills to deal with what I go through mentally

I need someone that will refer me to my binder and flip through the pages to go over with me to make it through my relapsed moments

I need someone who is willing to be there with me through the construction of my health over all especially mental health and, intently sit down with me and discuss with me concerns over my health.

I need someone to help me double check I understand and follow through with plans concerning my health. Making sure I follow through improving from concerns discussed previously.

I need someone that even though I may feel beneath them they still share their life with me that makes me feel equal with them

What is listed above are needs that have taken note of. I have watched others in and around my life display those needs. I believe that there is someone capable, or may already have developed these characteristics and possibly be looking for someone they can best match with.

For so long I have struggled with trying to explain what I need. If someone were to ask me randomly what I need I would not be able to answer. My mind would not have a thought to respond to that question. Through a series of lessons and experiences I finally have some answers to what I need.

I hope and pray someone could see this, evaluate these needs and respond.

If this character honestly describes someone who has or is continuing to build, portray, sharpen and personally care for through their own life, would you consider inviting me from where ever you are to coming forward to moving forward starting here?

I hope this assertively helps expressing my needs.