Real Black People on TV

When you ask for representation and get it.

That’s it. You asked for it. Asked for real representations of black folks on TV and you got it. Now how does it feel to have your real life splattered across the screen? I don’t know about you but I’m sinking down in my seat and cheering at the same time.

As I watched the latest episodes of Insecure I thought, why did they decide to be so real? I mean this just feels like true life and I don’t like it but I love it. Here I am staring face to face with people who look and talk like me. Who are super intelligent yet so stupid. Who make the worst mistakes but also showcase glimmers of redeeming qualities. Insecure is the realist ish ever wrote and it makes me extremely uncomfortable to see my own imperfections laid out in front of me on the weekly basis.

In Episode 5, Issa stupidly decides to go to Daniel’s studio (her ex) and like we all knew she was going to do, slept with him. I mean she was in it and gave no Fs about Lawrence, her BF at home who had to swat away the thirst of the bank teller just hours before. And we were left with her shadily smiling to herself in the mirror before realizing she made a terrible mistake.

So of course Episode 6 is all, what is she going to do? Will she tell him (Lawrence)? Will she not? And quickly in the opening scene they give you a daydream of sorts showing him pimp smacking her for telling him she cheated and so she instead goes in and acts like everything is cool.

What I LOVE about this show is how they are turning the “typical” upside down. YES WOMEN CHEAT TOO! Duh. And so my heart breaks for Lawrence but I too have been the dumb girl who had no respect for her relationship either in a past life. And so I want to yell and scream at Issa about how stupid she is but I can’t because I have been a stupid girl too. *Cues Jazmine Sullivan*

If that’s not bad enough Molly can’t get it together in her dating mess and somehow can’t see how she is too clingy, moves too fast and can’t seem to get over one questionable sexual experience of the guy who actually wants to commit to her crazy self. I mean come on, don’t we all have that friend?

We see Issa desperately trying to make up for her scumbag ways by cooking breakfast, suggesting date night and finally giving up the draws and it looks like they’re on the right track but then there is that whole, “everything that’s done in the dark thing.” So we see Lawrence bucked naked, after some sex we’ll assume was poppin, trip over Issa’s items on the floor from her seduction of course knocking loose her phone with text messages from the aforementioned ex.

HEART STOPPED AND SANK! How could she?!? But the thing is, it’s all convoluted and crazy. Clearly there were some things that led her to the desperation of getting with her ex but one can only hope that things are not now jacked up beyond repair. AND that’s where we’re left to wait a whole 7 days. Gosh I really prefer binge watching shows.

But this is what we’ve all been waiting for right? Some type of balanced representation so that all won’t think black women are simply Love and Hip Hop characters but this hurts more. This hurts more because the caricatures of women on shows like the Housewives and LHH could never really represent me. But those on Insecure? Atlanta? Queen Sugar? They do. And I’m forced to confront myself. To see myself, laugh and cringe at myself through these characters.

We’ll see where it goes and kudos to the team for being picked up for a 2nd season! SO the reading of our whole lives will continue ladies and gentlemen! BOOM!

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