First Week of Internship

Well, it’s been almost a week since I started my internship. Needless to say it has been interesting!

Tuesday was my first day. I woke up early, did some yoga, and then started to freak out because how nervous I was. I mean… how often do you get to say you’re living in New York City and interning with CBS Prime-time's Casting department? So after I got myself together, I walked to work. That’s what is awesome about where I am living. I have a 15 minute walk to work, there is a grocery store 2 minutes away, a Rite Aid down the street, and a pet supply store at the end of the block so I can buy stuff for my turtle Crush. Across the street is the New World Stages theatre, and a little pavilion area with a fountain. I’m right in between the Theatre district and Hell’s Kitchen. So I’m in a good area, close to work and lots of other fun places.

But back onto topic… I left for work, went up to my floor where I met one of the other interns, and the three people in my department. They all are very nice. I got my Intern ID and then started training. I learned all the basic stuff the interns do around the office, did a coffee run, and had an AMAZING salad for lunch. It was fantastic. I’m hoping that since I’m here I can start eating healthier and get back into shape! And I think since everyone in the office so far eats well, I should hopefully be encouraged to eat well also.

On day two, I met two of the other interns. We sorted papers and did the normal intern work we normally do and then got to watch some pilots for TV shows airing this Summer and Fall. The more I see on the casting side of things the more I desperately want to become a Casting Director. I’ve been catching up on CBS shows and other new shows to try and stay up to date on who all the upcoming actors are and whatnot. Slowly but surely I’m starting to fit in more and more in the big apple. I’m still not 100% with everything, but I at least can walk around without having people try to sell me anything.

On Day three, it was a little slow so I was able to look through scripts, old casting binders and write down some names of casting directors and networks that I need to research. We had some general auditions (this means we aren’t working on anything right at this moment, but we tape auditions so we have them on file for upcoming auditions.) So I got to sit in on another audition which was cool. Then part way through the day, Katharina (one of the three people I intern for) came in and said she had tickets for The Tony’s dress rehearsal! I was so incredibly lucky to get a ticket and be able to go!

So on Sunday I woke up bright and early and headed to meet one of the other interns, Lauren, to go watch the dress rehearsal! It was absolutely incredible! I got to see Dule Hill, Ashley Tisdale, Bryan Cranston, Sting, Taye Diggs, and of course Kristen Chenoweth and Alan Cumming! The performances from Something’s Rotten, The King and I, and Fun Home, were beautiful! There were more performances in there, and they were great too!

It was such an amazing, once in a lifetime experience getting to just go to the dress rehearsal! I’m thinking this internship is really going to teach me so much, and give me so many remarkable opportunities, and I can’t wait to keep working! The more work I do, the more I will learn about casting. And even then, I don’t think I will ever learn everything about it, but that’s the cool thing about learning new things. You’re never too old to learn something new! I know I used a Dr. Seuss quote last time, but he really knows his stuff.

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” –Dr. Seuss