In December of 2008 the day after Christmas, I chose to meet a man I searched for on the dating internet service. I was a in denial of being a hopeless romantic at that time in my life. I was convinced that I could find (for FUN) a man who looked like my favorite prince from the Disney movie ‘The Little Mermaid’. It was on a weekday night after night school in college, and I decided to check my Myspace before bed, and also search for a guy of my dreams since i was a little kid. I checked the boxes that described Prince Eric, dark hair, hazel or blue eyes, Caucasian or light skinned, tattoo’s ( not like that of Prince Eric). After I checked all the boxes describing the Prince charming I admired since a little 5 year old girl only 3 men populated. I honestly could not remember for the life of me who, or what the other guys were like based on their profile, i honestly do not think i looked at them. I am pretty sure I saw his profile and didn’t even care to look any further. Immediately, I started to write him.

MY goodness I wrote something so cheesy, but it was so me. I just really wanted him to respond to back to me and get a conversation started. Now in all honesty my readers, I was in no state of mind to BE with someone, like in a relationship. I was young and dumb, and frankly I was loving it. I was just getting tired of meeting guys at lame parties, bars I illegally got into (no comment to follow that), and not being able to get out of THE CIRCLE (everyone knows everyone feeling). So here we go, I sent the message to him crossing my fingers and toes, hoping to read a response the next day back from my prince Eric.

He messaged back. I was thrilled. I was….. like a little girl choosing her very own ice cream because she could get whatever she wanted! So there we were messaging back and forth exchanging our dislikes, likes, who we are, what we did that day, how we make a living, our basic la-la-la info. Then a date was requested. 12/26/08 at 6pm, met at his place. We decided on a night of pool, darts, and beer with complete casual conversation. We talked…A LOT! Christmas night, I locked myself in my grandmothers bathroom taking a head shot to share with him saying Merry Christmas and I cannot wait for tomorrow night. But SHIT! I was so upset with myself for sending him that picture, did i seem desperate? Needy? Crazy? What did I do! Oh know, dammit. So then, i decided to post the picture on my profile, so it didn’t seem so personal. Boom! I fixed it. Ha, i refused to make this seem like i was THAT girl. But in all honesty, I WAS! I do not know. I was just something about him that made me this girl that was going to be easily swept off my feet. I knew it, and denied it.

We met. I saw him. Walking towards me and my car. He was wearing such a small town country boy type style of clothing. His hairstyle reminded me of The Wolverine, with the sideburns and all. But he had these arms and hands, his shoulders, those muscles. Then there he was, the face. The face i looked at over and over again each day as the days past. His smile, so gorgeous, so charming, his eyes like a forest in the fall full of green, yellow and brown with a peek a boo blue. There he was, my Prince Eric. So freakin’ charming.

We decided to drive his truck over the billards. Great drive over, non-stop talking, goofiness from the both of us. I knew right away that if we didn’t end up together, i knew we would be great friends. We ended up playing darts first. I kicked his ass. We ordered some beers, blue moon to be exact. Then we decided on pool next. Again, i kicked his ass. Ordered more beers, and more. Well, there we were ready to move on to the next adventure…freakin’ Karaoke! COME ON GUYS! who sings karaoke on the first date ‘Summer Lovin’ from the movie Grease by Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta? WE DID! Haha i knew right away he was something right.

The night didn’t end there. We actually had an adventure that kept going as soon as we drove out of the parking lot. WE GOT PULLED OVER. Got out of that, then we met some of his friends for more beers and natural spirits. haha

The first date was perfect. Unforgettable. I didn’t care to know what was to happen in our future. I just knew this was the best first date i have had in a very long time. Unfortunately, it would be over a week before we met again. It was the holidays, we both had plans, schedules didn’t align. NYE came quickly. I hated that i missed him after just being with him that one night. He had plans for Las Vegas with his boys. I knew to expect nothing from the night from him. I knew i was to be with just my besties and enjoy my night with them as we always did. BUT HE CALLED. midnight came along, and he called me! I was so shocked. COME ON! He was in VEGAS! Who would think to call the person you had one date with. but HE DID!

From that call on, we made our future. AND IT ALL BEGAN!

to be continued….