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Who’s That Girl? It’s Ash

At my core, I am my father’s daughter. It took me quite a while to lean into this fact, but when I did life became so much more exciting. My father, a hardworking, fun, energetic man who loved to live life, blessed me with so much of his own personality. My best friend, platonic twin flame, and the one person in this world who understood me without hesitation gave me life. This year, he lost his own. If you had asked me a year ago to write about who I am, much of this article would’ve been different. Through losing…

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The conversation on toxic work cultures has been an issue for many years, but very recently has this been pushed into the forefront of the employment conversation. Nobody wants to work in a toxic environment. More and more often companies are being outed by former or current employees about the toxic nature of the workplace environments that are being created. A recent study found that 90% of individuals would forgo a salary hike if it meant being employed somewhere with a toxic workplace culture. …

There is no magical immunity for those who help others to be without the need of help themselves.

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Nobody is immune to pain and suffering. There is no magical immunity for those who help others to be without the need of help themselves. But regardless, when my personal life came crashing down around me I felt incredibly guilty about seeking my own mental health services.

As a counseling intern, I feel it is important to make mental health a priority for everyone. But despite that, stigma is a hell of a thing. And although counselors do everything in our power to try and break down those preconceived notions, they can be so ingrained in our psyches that they…

From 0 to 700,000 views, I learned a few things about achieving my goals.

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A recent study found that most children choose Youtuber/Influencer as their dream job. An undoubtedly 21st-century specific career path, but overall this is not a shock. With the onslaught of social media influencers and headlines about content creators making millions of dollars annually from their work.

It is no surprise that more and more people want to cash in on a relatively new and seemingly ideal career path. But for most people, having a video go viral in any capacity is nearly impossible. And most individuals who post on the platform never even make it to a monetizable status.


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2020 has undoubtedly been the collective year from hell. A pandemic, economic collapse, and an overall decline in society’s mental health seems like enough for one person to handle, right? Well, the universe sprinkled some special chaos into my life when in the midst of all of this madness my father was diagnosed with End-Stage Pancreatic Cancer. As cynical as it sounds, it was almost too funny. Like come on world, am I not going through enough? Was it really necessary to not just knock me down, but to beat me while I’m down too? …

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Many colleges and universities are fleshing out reopening plans in the face of a continuing COVID-19 pandemic. Although many schools will be returning in either a hybrid or on-campus virtual platform, one fact is undeniable: students will get sick.

Many schools are making their pandemic protocol plans with two things in mind. They know students will refuse to pay full tuition if they are not living on campus, and they know that for many young adults they experience few to no symptoms of the virus due to their age and immune system. …

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There are many platforms available to write for free. Microsoft Word, Pages, and Google Docs are all great, free programs that allow you the opportunity to write without any of the complications or frills of more advanced platforms.

And using these sometimes costly programs may now be feasible for everyone. But if you want to upgrade your writing flow and maybe make your process a little easier, there are some options available.



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The current Coronavirus pandemic has affected nearly every job market and retailer in the United States. Major companies and businesses have been forced to shutter their doors, and many small businesses likely will not recover from the economic disaster resulting from the loss of customers.

If large businesses such as J-Crew and Gold’s Gym are being forced to file for bankruptcy protection, it is only a matter of time before smaller businesses are forced to close their doors permanently in the face of economic loss. …

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This week the California State university system shocked students, parents, and the country at large by formally deciding to continue remote learning into the fall semester. Most colleges have plans, some flexible some deadset, to reopen for in-person classes after the summer. But the general consensus up to now has been that schools will in fact find a way to be carried out in-person for the next school year. So the news of Cal State’s decision immediately sent shockwaves through the higher education community. Harvard quickly followed suit, announcing that all medical, dental, and graduate classes for the fall semester…


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The topic of secret government societies has always been a topic of conspiracy theorists. Many people refuse to believe that there could be much more to high society and the government than what meets the eye. And for the most part, maybe those people are right.

The likelihood of an Illuminati is laughable to many. Scientology, although interesting and controversial, is at its core just a religion. …

Ashley Grant

Grad Student. Writer. Psychology. Mental Health. Millennial.

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