What came first, the wine or the food?

I think the saying goes, “What came first the chicken or the egg?”

My boss is a lover of food & wine just like me, so when she went back to her home state of Pennsylvania, she brought me back a cookbook; Zahav- A World of Israeli Cooking. Zahav is one of the top restaurants in Philidelphia, owned and operated by the passionate Michael Solomonov. If you get your hands on this cookbook be sure to read the Intro- Michael quickly yet delicately leads you into his world & how his passion for cooking became a reality.

I shopped for about three hours today trying to find every spice, pepper, and vegetable I needed for what I had my heart set on making, but in my small town of Hampton Bays that didn't happen like I hoped. I walked into Cork & Jug with a shopping list and milled the isles thinking about what to drink. I landed on Triada from Serbia.. Who knew Serbia made wine?!

I found this gem in a Wine Store in Brooklyn

All I can say is thank you Vino Budimir, because this bottle of wine is a home run. Deep ruby in the glass, notes of wild cherry & earthy spice. Give this gem some air ( I drank the 08') and BAM your palate dives into a sea of bing cherry, leather, earth, blackberries, smooth tannins, and a mile long finish.

In my case, the food came first the wine came second, but it can go either way. I made Challah, Harissa & celery seed spatchcocked chicken with Tehina, spiced slow cooked Brussel Sprouts, and lemon butter couscous; enjoy some photos of my first time cooking Israeli food below!

No one says it better than one of my idols, Julia Child-Wine is meant to be with food, that’s the point of it.”

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