With the future of DACA in flux, black Dreamers in New York face race and immigration head on.

A backpack at DACA Protest at Trump Towers. Image via Ashley Okwuosa

Nourou Gaiya was in class when he heard the news. The Lehman College sophomore saw a notification that the New York Times was live on YouTube, and suspected what the story might…

In South Sudan, a mother kisses her baby, who is suffering from severe acute malnutrition with complications, including tuberculosis. Photo: UNICEF/Sebastian Rich


With 20 million people facing famine, the international response could be characterized as indifferent

LAGOS, Nigeria

The U.N. is racing to raise over $4.4 billion by the end of March to avert more deaths across Africa and the Middle East as more than 20 million people face severe food shortages.

While people in Somalia, Yemen and northeastern Nigeria are going without food, nowhere has…

Thai solders in Chiang Mai during the 2014 military coup (Takeaway)


A recent Amnesty International report documents 64 cases of repression at the hands of what are essentially thought police.

Last summer in Thailand was the height of campaigning for a constitutional referendum, which, if passed, would enshrine the military’s hand in a new civilian government. But a visible opposition argued that the generals, who took power in a 2014 coup, were forcing through a new constitution that stifled democracy.

Aid workers distribute winter supplies to refugees in Turkey in 2015. (Caroline Gluck/EC/ECHO)


A deadly cold snap has already claimed at least four lives as Greece and Europe muddle the response.

Hundreds of asylum seekers in the Balkans and on the Greek islands of Samos, Chios and Lesvos are shivering through winter rains and heavy snowfall in overcrowded refugee camps ill-equipped for a sustained cold snap.

Over 700 people, including young children and other vulnerable individuals, remain in unheated tents in…

Ashley Okwuosa


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