The 3 Year Job Search and How I Got Into Tech
Niv Dror

I got introduced to tech through the wine industry (I ran and consulted social marketing efforts for 16+ wineries and portfolio entities) and it was incredibly difficult to find the right tech position. Not due to a lack of specific skills, but from a lack of excitement about the products I would be building communities/marketing for. A lot of my friends ask me about getting a job in tech and I tell them to make sure it aligns with how you want to grow and that the product gets you excited. Too many people I know work for huge firms (slow growth for them) and work on products they can care less about. Not a good sign…

Anywho, great piece that I totally relate to my job hunt experience. And if you’re at Product Hunt, I work super close by at 2 Mint Plaza. Let’s grab coffee sometime.

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