The problem with this ‘article’, besides it being condescending and demeaning is it ignores the…
Austin Rain

Thank you! I’m a woman, not a china doll. If I’m not interested in someone I think is hitting on me, I just say so. I don’t wither into a ball and cry.

Example: a few years ago, I’m sitting at the bus stop at work. Nice gemtleman comes up, strikes up a conversation. The usual pleasantries (“Nice weather”, “When does the bus come?”, “Got any weekend plans?”) just typical two-strangers-waiting-for-a-bus talk. We introduced ourselves, chatted about the book I was reading, and it became obvious after a while that he was interested.

Now, I could have stood there and cried sexual harassment and gotten all offended or upset…or I could do what I actually did: I thanked him for his attentions and while I was flattered by them, I’m quite happily married, with 2 kids. He didn’t even miss a beat. He told me my husband was a very lucky man and he wished me all the best. I told him I hope he finds someone who makes him as happy as my husband makes me. We spent the rest of the time chatting about movies, I got off the bus at my stop, and that was that.

I know there aree legitimate cases of sexual harassment out there. And that stinks because not only does it victimize women, but it stigmatizes platonic male/female relationships. We are such a hypersexualized society that we assume if a man and woman are having a pleasant time together, there must be something “more” going on. And that’s a shame because most of my best friends are guys. They’d never dream of harassing me, and I’ve never felt uncomfortable around any of them.

Modern feminists have so belittled true sexual harassment that actual cases are getting ignored. No, a guy on the street saying “Good morning” or your coworker complimenting your outfit is not “sexual harassment”. It’s called “making conversation”. Now, if he starts invading your personal space or consistently asking you out after you’ve told him no, or stalking you, or something like that, then, yeah. It’s sexual harassment. But if a guy you’re having a nice time with casually asks if you’re single…no. Just…no.