“This is why you’re single, too much girl power.”

I wish I could say this wasn’t a message in my DM’s on Instagram but alas, it is. It’s no secret I’m a feminist. When I say feminist, I mean I believe women are capable of doing anything they want. You want to stay home? Awesome. You want to climb corporate? Cool. Want to burn your bra? Go for it. I am focused on women not being put into a box.

So, I post a lot about feminism. Last night, I posted a photo on my Instagram Story. See below.

It was meant as a joke, but seriously, if I had a nickel for the number of times I taught a man something and then he tried to make me feel dumb later, I’d be retired by now.

Now, this person in my DM’s has told me so many times about how the feminist agenda is ruining women.

I think what he meant is that women are just tired of putting others first. Tired of putting up with patriarchal nonsense. Tired of feeling like a second-class citizen. Tired of being told that even though you’re the only person in the office with higher education, you need more training because you don’t understand your specialty the way the untrained men in the office do.

So I found it really funny that my ideas make me undateable. This idea that I think men and women can co-exist and have equal opportunity. This idea that men don’t belittle women in office meetings.

I can recall a time where I was the only woman in an office. I ran a department. Had my own office while everyone worked in an open setting. I remember multiple times being told that featuring female entrepreneurs was ridiculous because we cannot be successful. I remember being told that they were sick of me including women in our content. I remember having the Male Symbol drawn all over my office. I remember feeling unsafe at work because of the comments.

Never in my life had I experienced such overt sexism. That’s when the feminist in me woke up. That’s when she said no more bullshit.

If that makes me undateable, I’m okay with that.

If me calling out a general sexist behavior and you feel the need to slide into those DM’s about it, maybe it’s time to examine your own actions and feelings. Perhaps it’s time to figure out what has you so triggered.

Maybe it’s time to realize, you’re part of the problem, and that makes you undateable.