Dear Women, Let’s Stop Hating Each Other

I love reality television. My husband and my guilty pleasures are Survivor and Big Brother. We watch every single season and it never fails, early on in every season the women want to have an all-girls’ alliance. They grab hands all teary-eyed and lift up their Rosie the Riveter fists and exclaim, “This will be the year the women’s alliance succeeds!” And it never, ever fails, one or two episodes later those same jealous women who held each other in that Hands Across America moment tear into each other like hyenas on a carcass. I have yet to see women successfully join together without ripping each other apart.

I am just as guilty as the next woman. I have had many, many moments of hating the woman next to me for being prettier than me, smarter than me, skinnier than me, more annoying than me, etc. There are many, many women I would love nothing more than to bitch slap and only a select few I feel I can tolerate. I will talk shit for DAYS, but I am not perfect.

So, I find it just as hard as the next woman to wrap my mind around banding together with my fellow ladies. This morning, however, I felt a real sense of pride for the women in my social circles. I see women every single damn day trying to better themselves. Just today, I watched a video from a very passionate friend discussing the benefits of a supplement she sells. I saw another mom singing “You Are My Sunshine” to herself in the mirror to pump herself up for the day. I have another friend hosting a class to teach women to become empaths. I see us all growing and learning and teaching and becoming something.

So, let’s stop being jealous women.

We should be proud of each other. We shouldn’t be rolling our eyes every time we see a new makeup tutorial. We should be sharing the shit out of it because maybe you don’t want to splurge but maybe someone you know has four kids and one hour of sleep and needs nothing more than foundation that can cover a third eyeball.

Maybe we can all think a little differently. Watch one of their videos or read one of their posts. Look at the passion that most of them have. I just watched a video of the friend who sells health supplements, and while the inner bitch in me wants to be like: WE GET IT! I really took a look at that passion and that desire to provide for her family. That feeling of finding her own way in a world full of people ready to cut her down. How many times has she heard criticisms? Yet, there she is. She believes in what she does, she loves what she does and she is making it happen. And she is fucking great at it.

I have another friend who just started selling hats she is knitting every single day to try and sell. God bless her, she loves doing it and is really great at it. But, I can also see the nervousness. I can see how terrifying it must be to put yourself out there in front of hundreds of jealous women on Facebook unsure of what is being whispered about and who is doubting you.

There are so many of us. So many of us sitting in our sweatpants biting our nails over putting ourselves out there. We put off our big step for one more day, week, year. We are terrified of our fellow women. Well, let’s be that change. Let’s support each others’ passions. Whatever they may be. Maybe it’s taking three minutes a week to read someone’s blog. Maybe it’s not Amazon Priming all the Christmas gifts this year. Maybe it’s treating ourselves to mascara that costs more than $3 because we fucking deserve it.

Let’s do this for all of us, ladies. Share that status. Help them out.

Jealous women can make our own all-girls’ alliance.

It’s us against the world

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